My Blood Red Eyes – Part 1 –

Told by: Hana (flower in Japanese)


I sat on my bed. I couldn’t think. I was new to Shang-Hai. This was normal. Right? Hana, get ready for school! my mother called. I stood up. My black hair waved in my face. I picked out tenis shoes,  jeans,  and a grey shirt with a skull and cross bones on the front. I put that on. I brushed my rib length hair. I left it down. No need to take extra time. I put some make-up on, and I walked outof my room. My brother pushed me as I begun down the hall. Hawk! Stop it! I screamed. We were now at the top of the stairs.  I was a 17 year old with a loud voice. Damn Hana! Hawk shouted to me as I pushed him. My mother walked to the bottom of the stairs and she stared at us both. Hawk don’t speak like that in my house. Get a breakfast bar and get out of here! my mother shouted. I stared at my brother’s face. He was mad at me. He walked down the stairs and into he kitchen, then he grabbed his cereal bar, and he walked out of view. Soon after I heard the door slam and Hawk’s car start. I went down to the kitchen. I got a bowl and poured some cereal for myself. I picked at it for a while and ate some. Then I pushed the bowl away. Bye mom! I said as I got up and exited the house. I went to my car. Not the nicest one. I got ina and drove to school. I was new. Oh goodie, I was going to be the big red flag being waved in front of the bull. Not an angry bull just one that loved new things. AKA students. I stepped out of my car and I headed to my first class. When I entered I was surprised to see that a student was already there. I walked up to the teacher. Hello your the new student, Hana Thayber, right? the teacher asked. I nodded. Ok I am Miss Waverside. Sit in the seat in the row next to that student over there. she said to me. I walked over to my new seat. The boy didn’t even look over to me. Suddenly students flowed into the classroom. The bell rang after they all seated. Class we have a new student here. Her name is Hana Thayber. I will be giving the day today for you guys to meet her and get to know her some. Miss Waverside said. The students cheered in joy. The door opened and a girl walked in. She walked up to the teacher. Hello Rosuto, thank you for joining us. Miss Waverside said. Do you have a slip?



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