My Blood Red Eyes – Part 2 –

Told Bye: Hana (flower in Japanese)


The girl who just entered shook her head no. Rosuto took her seat in front of me. We were just introducing our new student Hana Thayber. I was also sayingthat you guys had the day free to get to know her, maybe. Miss Waverside repeated herself. A swarm of kids came up to me.  I was surrounded by people in my new classroom and  I could barely see if anyone else was there, but I did have a feeling that something was wrong with this room. Like something was a big problem, like something was going to happen. The crowd eventually died away exept for a group of people who dressed like me. My style, rock/punk as my brother described  me. My friends  consisted of two girls and one boy. The girls were Nikui and Tame. The boy was Douzo. The apparent leader of this small gang was very apparently Tame. Nikui had blonde hair with blue streaks. She had a light skintone with sea blue eyes. She had her ear pierced once on both ears and she wore alot of bracelets. Douzo had dark brown hair with a tan skintone. His nose and left eyebrow were pierced. His eyes were green. Tame had light brown hair with black ends. She had the same skintone as Douzo. Her eyes were hazelnut colored. Her ears were pierced twice on each ear and her right eyebrow was also pierced.  Who is that? I asked Tame pointing to the silent boy. She paused. That oh that is Kaji. He likes to keep to himself. He speaks in Japanese. The first day of school when the teacher called his name for atendance he raised his hand only. The teacher insisted he talked but he looked at her with a pioson look. That was all it took. No one ever tried to talk to him. Every new girl thinks he is so beautiful but when he refuses to speak they get over it. Tame informed me. Eventually my friends sat down to speak amoung themselves and I turned to face Kaji. Hello I am- I tried to introduce but was cut off by Kaji.



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