My Blood Red Eyes – Part 3 –

Told By: Hana (flower in Japanese)


Hana. en shiru. Shirumon ka. Kaji said. He kind of had an Old English accent. Now what did he SAY? Do you speak English? I asked him. Hai. he responded. Why don’t you? I asked. I knew little Japanese but I knew hai meant yes. en tame nakare teinei. he said in that foriegn language. Excuse me but  I don’t know what you are saying. I complained. He groaned. en teinei nakare. Kaji said. The bell rang.  He was gone before I even got out of my seat. Strange. My next to classes were pratically the same, I was the center of attention. Soon lunch came. I saw Kaji. He was sitting alone. He was picking at his food but did not eat it. I could see Kaji clearly. He had silver/white shoulder length hair. His eyes were brown. He was tall and very skinny. He had dark rings around his eyes. He had a black lip ring on the right side of his lip. He was wairing black clothing. He also had an arm sock around his left arm. Staring at Kaji, eh? Nikui asked as she tried to sneak up behing me in the lunch line. All new girls do but when he refuses to speak in English they get over it. You will eventually. I grabbed the food I wanted. I sat at the table Nikui led me too. Tame and Douzo were already sitting there. Nikui giggled. What’s so funny, Nikui? Douzo asked. Hana is checking Kaji out and when Hana wasn’t looking I caught Kaji staring at her! He saw me looking and he looked away blushing. Nikui informed us. Tame held in laughter. I blushed and looked away. I slightly (accidently, uncontrollably) looked over to Kaji. Our eyes met. I noticed how very pale he was. Like a ghost. After a while of staring we both quickly looked away. When lunch finished I dumped what I hadn’t eaten of my lunch. I saw that Kaji had not eaten anything of his lunch.



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