My Blood Red Eyes – Part 4 –

Told by: Hana (flower in Japanese)


Douzo, Nikui, and Tame had already left for their classes. I begun to the door. I was staring at the floor. BAM!! I ran into the closed door. I rubbed my head. Ow… I said to myself. Are you ok? someone asked me. Yeah. I said as I looked up to see who was talking to me. It was Kaji!!!! No wonder the Old English accent. Wait… He was speaking English? What class do you have next? Kaji asked me. Mr. Frost. Rm 514, Building 2. Why? I asked. So you don’t get lost I’ll take you there. Also just in case any more doors attack you, flower. he said. He called me flower. Well Hana did mean flower in Japanese. Yeah those doors are evil. So sure if you don’t mind. I said. He smiled. His teeth were white. Very white. Too white. He also had the perfect smile that every girl would love. The plesure is mine. Kaji said as he opened the lunchroom door. I walked with him in the hallways. So where’s your next class? I asked Kaji. Miss Mann. Rm 120, Building 1. he said. What? Are you sure you don’t mind taking me to my class? Your next class is so far. I asked worried. I am never late for my class. he reassured me. I nodded. He took me to my class. People were STARING… Bye. I said to Kaji. He nodded and then he was gone. That class was hell. Rosuto sat next to me. OOOH! You were with Kaji. No one has ever befriended him. He’s to sour to them. People say that he is a…… VAMPIRE!! Rosuto said to me. I stood up in anger. That’s obserd! I screamed defensivly.  You like him, don’t you? she teased. I just looked down and ignored her til class ended. 6th period (the last class) I had Tame, Nikui, and Douzo in.We all sat at a table. I heard ’bout you and Kaji! Tame said. I nodded. Then I guess you know what we think he is. Tame continued. I nodded again. He’s a VAMPIRE! Douzo finished Tame’s lecture.



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  1. haruuchiha said,

    Part 5?
    Almost done yet?
    I try to post a chapter everyday
    every DAY
    but right now im sittin here with itachi( he’s a ferret named ferret… lol) and he wont stop climbing up my shoulder…..
    and i need to do somethinggggg
    it’s 2:25 am
    im goin to bed i think

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