My Blood Red Eyes – Part 5 –

Told by: Hana (flower in Japanese)


As I said to Rosuto, that’s OBSERD!! I shouted to my friends. I don’t care, that is what we people at Shang-Hai believe in. Tame muttered. I can’t believe you would judge someone by their appearense! I said. I was getting a little annoyed. No one believes it at first but soon they learn better. Kaji has been in the 11th grade for a LONG time. Since I begun school here, even when my brother started here 5 years ago. So it has been 5years that I know. Nikui  said. I looked down at the desk for the rest of the class. The bell rang and the school day was over. I walked out of the class and to my locker. I opened it. Hey. someone said. I slightly shut my locker to see who it was talking to me. It was Kaji. How’d you know this was my locker? I asked. He smiled. He had a nice smile. Lucky guess. OR I read your mind like a VAMPIRE! he joked. We both laughed. So, what do you want? I asked. I’ve got a surprise for you. he teased. What could he have for me? He brought me to the parking lot. Ta-Dah! he said as he presented me to a no park tow zone. Yes? I asked impatiently. Your car was towed. he said. Your stuck with no ride home. My mouth dropped open. My car was TOWED! I need to call my mom! I shouted as I pulled out my cell phone. Tell her I am bringing you to my house. Kaji said with a big grin on his face. I looked at him with suprisement.




  1. Haru Uchiha said,

    i know whats gonna happen >.<

  2. Rachel (Misaki Inuzuka) said,

    no duh i told u

  3. haruuchiha said,

    my handwriting still sucks compared to my friends
    you saw im slow!
    i want part 6!
    i posted two parts lately
    so yes
    a new part is up
    read it
    or elses

  4. haruuchiha said,

    lol i love
    it’s the best
    omg you should read sake cup
    it’s a naruto fanfic
    you can just search it
    it’s about the akatsuki

  5. haruuchiha said,

    that’s how you say it
    a cult ski
    Itachi held his glass close to him and spoke to it, “Awwweee Hi there foolish little brother”
    Itachi was drunk
    really drunk

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