My Blood Red Eyes – Part 6 –

Told by: Hana (flower in Japanese)

A/N: i will now be using ” and ” for speach, and ‘ and ‘ for thoughts. thx


“What about your parents,” I asked. I was a little too nervous to see Kaji’s house. “My parents are ….. dead,” Kaji said, his face going sad. “Oh, sorry. I’ll come over then,” I said to try and comfort him. He smiled. “Ok call her up,” Kaji said as he led me to his car. “Hello.” my mother answered the phone. “Hey mom. My car was towed so I’m going over a friend’s house. Ok,” I asked trying to speed through the conversation. “Your car was TOWED,” she exclaimed. “Yeah….,” I said nervously. I didn’t know how’d she react. “You go ahead to your friend’s house. I’ll get your car back,” my mom said, Bye. I smiled. Bye. I said. I then hung up. I’m guessing it was a yes? Kaji asked. I nodded. Now which one is your car. I said. He opened a very expensive looking sports car door. This one. he said calmly. My mouth opened very widely. This one! I shouted. Kaji mearly nodded. The car was red with black on the sides.


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