My Blood Red Eyes -Part 7-

Told By : Hana (flower in Japanese.)


“Yeah. It’s not big enough if you ask me. I still see my brothers. I wish not to though,” the last two sentences slipped out of Kaji’s mouth. “You have brothers? Do they go to school,” I asked hurriedly. “No,” he said plainly. I looked over to Kaji, but he wasn’t there. He was on my side of the car opening the door for me. I tried to get out but found myself unable to. “Don’t forget about your seat-belt,” Kaji kindly reminded me. I smiled. He laughed. I unbuckled myself from the car and got out. “Are you like the fastest in your family,” I just had to ask. “No, my youngest brother is,” Kaji replied calmly. “Are you the oldest,”I asked yet another question. “No it goes brother,me and then another brother in age,” he said, “You coming?” I nodded. I ran up to him. He lead me up to the door of the big house. “If you see any of my brothers find me or hide,” he warned, “Now come on. Lets go into the living room and try to whisper.” I nodded lightly. He led me up to a huge room. The living room I guessed. I sat on a couch. “Stay here, I’ll be back,” Kaji said. “So Kaji you brought a snack home,” someone said from one of the entries of the room.



  1. haruuchiha said,

    new storyline
    now i can write mine up
    i’ve had some good ideas

  2. haruuchiha said,

    hey hey hey hey
    we’ve both been slacking on ur blogs
    we need to get awsomerific stories up again
    right now

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